About Us


Unique, fashionable jewelry that feeds the soul! I grew up in a small town in Louisiana, and have always had an interest in art. I always loved painting and drawing, but truth be told, I genuinely enjoyed doing anything creative! My love for jewelry began with a jewelry-making kit and a “How to Make Jewelry” book that my brother gave me. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I had a passion for fashion! After high school, I decided I was ready for newer and bigger experiences. I moved to Dallas and could not wait to see what “big city life” was all about! I enrolled in fashion school and 18 months later, I graduated with an Associate of Arts Degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. After graduation, I had the opportunity to work for several companies designing jewelry. Each of those experiences taught me more about jewelry than I can ever express, and I could not be more grateful for them! Armed with my new experiences and knowledge, I knew I still wanted to do more! I had a desire to better my skills and grow as a designer. I was ready to start my own business. I felt that the best way to honor my family was to name my business after those that helped me get here! The name Valois - French pronunciation [Val-Wa] - is my Grandparents’ last name and my Mother's maiden name, so it seemed like the perfect fit! Today, I design my jewelry to match my personality – unique, bright and fun! I am beyond blessed to wake up everyday and have the opportunity to do what I am passionate about, to share my unique accessories and to put a smile on customers faces when they see my designs. Anything is possible if you just have faith! ~Rebecca Diane - Valois Designs