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Wedding Cake Pull Bracelets - Individual Bracelet


History: Cake pulls have been a tradition for weddings that date back as far as Victorian times and were called "ribbon pulling". A tiny charm with a ribbon attached was placed into a cake and the wedding party (bridesmaids) would pull the ribbon and receive their fortune. As times evolved, it is no longer limited to the wedding party. Family, friends, children and guests are invited to retrieve the cake pulls; brides choice :) Cake pulls are still very popular in southern weddings and are sentimental in many wedding receptions.

-My cake pulls are made with love for your special day! Instead of having a charm with a ribbon attached, my cake pulls are made into a bracelet with a charm so you can actually wear them!

-Cake Pull Charms: (Please feel free to mix and match from any themed charm sets)

**New Orleans Themed Cake Pull Charms**

1. Steamboat - a life of adventure

2. Crawfish- a life of good treats

3. Parasol- protection of life's journey

4. Pelican- a life of socializing

5. Mardi Gras Mask- a life of fantasy

6. Saxophone- a life filled with harmony

7. Alligator - you will live a long & enjoyable life

8. Fleur De Lis- peace & purity

9. Crown- a life filled with luxury

10. Crab - a life of good fortune

11. Water Meter- you will have a happy home ***This charm is an additional $3 - Please select the Water Meter Charm and add to your cart.

12. Lamp Post- Always Let Your Light Shine
13. New Orleans- A Life Filled With Fun
14. Horse & Buggy- A Life of Romance
15. Streetcar- Roll With the Good Times
16. Oyster- Wealth & Prosperity
17. Cathedral- You Will Have a Happy Marriage
18. Jester- You Will Have a Colorful Life

**Traditional Themed Cake Pull Charms**

1. Dragonfly- spirit and freedom

2. Cross- a life full of protection

3. Heart- a life full of love

4. Anchor- a life of stability

5. Tree of Life- a life of growth & new beginnings

6. Peace Sign- peace & happiness

7. Butterfly- eternal beauty

8. Key- a life of success

9. Eiffel Tower- a life full of travel

10. Wedding Ring - next to be married

11. Flower Girl - your wishes will come true

***Please input how many bracelets you are ordering in the quantity box. (Example: If you want to order 6, please put 6 quantity. Otherwise, you will only be charged for one bracelet and will only receive one bracelet pull in your order.) ***Please list the charms you choose in the message box and also the date of your wedding. **NOTE: If you do not list any charms in the note section at checkout, you will receive random charms on your cake pulls.***

-Pick your color:

1. White

2. Ivory - OUT OF STOCK

3. Light Gold

4. Silver

5. Blue - OUT OF STOCK

6. Turquoise

7. Mint Green - OUT OF STOCK

8. Lavender - OUT OF STOCK

9. Deep Rose

10. Light Pink

-Each bracelet is handmade with the color of your choice (6mm pearls) and has silver accents. The bracelets measure 7.5" (If you need a larger size, please list the size in the note section at checkout.)

-Each cake pull will come with a regular note card

****If you need your order rushed please contact me before placing your order. A rush order fee may be applied to your order.****